Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gentle "Easy Greasy" LIVE at Secret Rendezvous 5/2/15

The magnetic Janet from Gentle singing "Easy Greasy" live at Secret Rendezvous - 5/2/15, 2:30am in NYC, Starvue, BK.

This night was a dream come true for many. Thank you to the entire family for coming out and making this possible, as well as everyone else in attendance that helped make this night so special. You know who you are. This all began with the pursuit of a physical object, a copy of the vinyl record, but ended with something much greater than the tangible. Welcome to a higher plane.

"Satisfaction is in the mind"

Love On The Run

*DJs of the evening were Nick the Record & Love On the Run with surprise guests on the decks Nydia Ines, Alexander Dimitriades, and "Gentle" Janet on the microphone.

Nick the Record and Love On The Run at Secret Rendezvous 5/2/15

Did you hear about the surprise guests?

More to come on that soon...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tower of Power "Just Make a Move (and Be Yourself)


Mark Gurney mix for Secret Rendezvous!

One of the UK's original soul boys Mark Gurney hammers together a brilliant mix of Soul, Boogie and Disco tunes for Love On The Run's Secret Rendezvous blog!

If you are in London this weekend be sure to check out his next Independent Movement gig in the UK with Sadar Bahar!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Return of Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous the all night dance party returns to BK serving up the heaviest Disco, Soul and dance music from the outer zones, guaranteed to make your head spin and your hot body boogie.

This will be a very special evening for us all, guaranteeing both the sweetest and toughest of tunes, with a brilliant analog sound system and intimate loft style atmosphere to satisfy the most discerning tastes when it comes to a quality underground nightlife experience.

Special guest from the west coast Josh Goldman, globally respected record dealer and DJ, as well as the man behind "Secret Weapon Time" edit label will be making his long awaited first ever NYC DJ appearance.

Secret Rendezvous curator and NYC native DJ Love On The Run is back for his first local gig in 2015 with a fresh box of rare vinyl, and test presses for his upcoming Melodies record label partnership with UK's Floating Points.

It will be a family affair, as all are welcome to bump and hustle with us to deep cuts you may never hear out elsewhere again. This one is not to be missed!

You must RSVP "SECRET RENDEZVOUS 1/24/15" for necessary entry on the guest list, address etc: starvue234@gmail.com

The Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word

Classic NYC gospel record, discovered and broke onto the scene by the legendary Walter Gibbons in the '80s. He found it, loved it and turned it into such a classic that it has maintained appeal at parties with dancers all over the globe.

Evan's Pyramid AKA Royale "I Want Your Body"

This one flew under the radar for many years. Andre Evans, the man behind the beautiful Evan's Pyramid releases had pressed this great dance tune under the alias of Royale. RARE! Should be getting some spins soon at a secret rendezvous near you...

Saying goodbye to Plastic People, London

A 20 year legacy has just come to a close. Here is a recording of the final night at Plastic People, with DJs Floating Points and Four Tet at the steering wheels for the evening. Too bad I couldn't be there in person to witness it, but this will give us all an idea of how great it must have been.

I consider myself lucky to have graced the Plastic People sound system just one year ago. I want to give a special thanks to Charlotte and Floating Points for giving me the opportunity to play in one of the world's best DJ venues of all time. Also special thanks to all the dancers, and amazing people I met there, like Plastic People flyer designer Ali, to UK legendary DJ Patrick Forge, Laura Coxeter (check out her brilliant radio show on NTS), as well as partying with Mark Gurney (http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/) Mike Shawe (hot buttered Soul) Red Greg, Zaf Music (I Love Vinyl record shop in London, check them out), Layla and Leigha and countless other people all getting down was spectacular.

Here is a great little interview in the Guardian with Ade the club owner, and Floating Points about Plastic People: CLICK

It's the end of a great club, but it just means that the start of something amazing and new will be around the bend, just round the bend...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Memories of Chicago in 2014...

Shouts to Sol Son, Darryn Jones and Toney Nimble for hosting me out in Chicago. They are a real underground crew and will play deep and heavy in basements on the west side with me as well as in clubs like Smart Bar, cause that's how it goes down with the Disco Illusion crew in the Windy City!

Memories of London in 2014...

Massive shouts to Sam, Leah, Tom, Layla, Sassy J and everyone else that jammed with us all night at Corsica Studios in London! Another tune for me that night that's just so beautiful and emotive. I consider myself lucky to be able to share moments like this with people around the world, and for a moment make them feel the same way I do, all through music. This one is a real all time favorite. Know this!!!

Memories of Montreal in 2014...

This was one of my best digs this year in the bottom bins, found the OG out in Montreal. I played this at Patrick's house several times while Alicia danced around the living room, and also played about three tunes off this LP that night. But this one stands out as a real special one since I played it around 5am with all the natural sun light flooding through the warehouse windows, and all I could see were the happy smiles on all the dancers' faces. The break at 2:50 is just sublime, and makes the hair on the back of my neck rise every time. I felt like I was in heaven. I could just run a loop of that moment over and over again in my head for infinite...

Joe Anderson - You And I (Tom Moulton related)

Perfect early soul tinged disco, no doubt enhanced by the special magical touch of the one and only Tom Moulton. A real sublime jam, extended for club play, this one gets me every time. Joe's vocals are just so sweet and in the pocket, and the lyrics are just ripe for late night dance floor romance. Another one you can expect to be played at the next Secret Rendezvous jam. Roots!